General terms of sale

  1. The reservation is regarded as firm and final as from the sending with the customer of its number of reservation :
    • official statement on line at the time of the réservation
    • confirmed by email with the address indicated by the client.
    This reservation is guaranteed by the number of bank card of the customer.
  2. The payment is carried out directly with the reception of the hotel in cash or by credit chart (Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard). For a final reservation, we ask for your No of credit card and the scratch date. If you do not wish to communicate your banking co-ordinates, an installment can be paid by cheque bancaire.
  3. A general manner, the arrival with the hotel must be done before 18 hours (French hour). For an arrival beyond this hour, the customer will contact the hotel by telephone with the number indicated on his confirmation of réservation.
  4. It is recalled to the customer that, all the hotels not having a service of night, it rests with to him to make all provisions with respect to the hotel one relating to its conditions and hour of arrival..
  5. Prices of lodging indicated on the reservation is likely to be modified by the hotel one according to the number of people occupying to it (them) chambre(s).
  6. The payment of the stay and of the additional services is carried out by the customer with the hotel one, to the conditions that this last exerts in its the customer with his arrival.
  7. The reservation is guaranteed to the tariff and the conditions indicated for this period. These tariffs and conditions are likely not to be renewed for later reservations.
Accepted modes of payment

Cash & credit cards


Conditions of cancellation

A reservation can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the date of arrival. A time lower than 24 hours or a not cancelled reservation where the customer would not have presented himself, would give place to the invoicing of a night to the tariff indicated on the reservation.