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How to find us ?
Aigues-Mortes is located at 39 km approximately of Nimes (prefecture of Gard) and 31 km of Montpellier (prefecture of Hérault). Its inhabitants are called Aigues-Mortais.


In the heart of the Camargue cuts out the enclosure strengthened of Aigues-Mortes, the medieval city, built in XIIIème century according to the will of Louis Saint in order to give to the kingdom of France a port on the Mediterranean. The tower of Constancy, one of the most majestic keeps of the architecture of the Average Age, and the 1 640 meters of ramparts flanked of 20 turns make all the beauty of the enclosure, its great simplicity and its perfect architectural homogeneity.

By river transport
The town of Aigues-Mortes is with a crossroads of channels:
channel of the Rhone with Sète coming from the North-East and setting out again towards the west, channel of Bourgidou towards the south-east, and which joined the Small Rhone by the intermediary of other channels in extreme cases of Gard and the Rhone delta, and the grau of the king, maintained since the Middle Ages, connecting Aigues-Mortes to the central part of the Grau-du-Roi.
Popular belief, wanting that the sea reaches Aigues-Mortes at a remote time. If the shore moved certainly, Aigues-Mortes in fact was connected to the sea by a channel, ‘ Grau Louis’.